Natural Pain Relief NOW Neurological Integration

John Philip Young Jr. LMT with 40 years experience as a natural health care provider has

been given a gift from Divine Intelligence. He is able to observe any individuals’ structural balance and symmetry for a few minutes and determine which nerves are still remembering the traumatic moments of their history. By getting these nerves to relax and then retraining the muscular motor units involved the history is gone. Poof!

John Philip Young Jr. LMT has been specializing in unresolved trauma cases for the last 25 years. An extreme athlete himself, he studied with every alternative therapy in order to find relief from his own injuries. Neurologic Integration has developed from the amazing and immediate success that comes with resolving these traumas at a neurological level.

His work is known world wide and he is still available for private sessions. His work is being documented in a series of books and seminars including Polishing the Goddess, Ghost Hunter, Walking Wounded, Attaining Balance Through Self Observation, Massage, and Movement, Neurologic Integration, The Fast Track for Resolving Traumatic History, Ship of Souls S.O.S., and The Liquid Diet are his books underway. Seminars being presented include: Naturally Accessible Altered States of Being, Transformational Weekend for Practitioners and Others, and Neurological Integration Practitioner Training. He is the Founder and Developer of The Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir and Transformational Technology.

His preffered fee for a session is 150$ per hour. Sessions are 2-3 hours. He does have a sliding scale, which is mainly factored by age and ability to pay.


Discover how fast, easy and fun it is to


End limiting history now!

Bring forward your empowered essence now!

Learn skills to build and stabilize vitality specifically for you, with structural observation, guided self-massage, and integrative movement.

Celebrate life as it should be, as it really is, now!

Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State, UDBOSS, Presents


Weekly Sundays 4 – 6 p.m. at Kapa’a Neighborhood Center, By donation

Payment of attention is currency tendered,

All Welcome

Facilitated by J. Philip Young, Jr., LMT & Associates

Philip has 45 years experience as a Natural Health Care Provider.

Each individual attending will receive personal attention.

Practitioners and challenged cases welcome

Wear comfortable clothes, Bring exercise mat and massage tools, if available.

Some extras will be available.

For continuing treatment


Facilitated by J. Philip Young, Jr., LMT & Associates

On call Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, 3 – 6 p.m.

In the office of Dr. Chad Bennis, D.C.

Behind Casa Bianca Restaurant, (mauka of the highway), near ABC store Kapa’a

During clinic hours 30, 60 & 90 min. treatments are available on a sliding scale basis.

90 and 120 minute outcall treatments are available at all other times of the week.

All clinic & home visits by appointment only.

For appointment: 888-(81ROOTS) / (817-6687)

Testimonials for J. Philip Young Jr.’s Neurological Integration and Effective Natural Health Treatment Seminars 1. “ I am calling this ‘Divine Intervention” because I have tied everything for years with no help to my herniated disk and now in a few sessions I am free of pain and mobile, Hallelujah” ~ Margarite, Psychotherapist 62.

2. “I’m calling it a miracle after 2 sessions. My back pain of 12 years is gone for good. I love the integrative movements, they keep me on track and I am better able to move through, shift out of, my stressfull moments much more easily, thank you again.” ~ Greg B. – Attorney, 39.

3. “This has been the answer to my prayers. This is the most intelligent body-work I have ever received, never has anyone had such a profound effect with so little contact. I’m using the movements and massage tools daily at length which has continued the opening and strengthening process. I now know where to touch and how to move. I spent 6 hours in the big waves today with all the pain gone. “ ~ John P. 63 Big Wave Surfer.

4. “I am so grateful you are here to help put me back together after these serious injuries, your help has made all the difference in the world. I can hardly wait to study with you.” – Kaya, – Fire Dancer and masseuse, ageless.

5. “It’s wonderful to really understand the mechanism and the dynamics so clearly.” ~ Debra, Physical Therapist, 50’s

6. “I never realized it could be so easy to shift someones’ condition with observation and caring touch” ~ Naoka, weekend seminar attendee.

7. “Sharing time with Philip Young always up-levels my experience, mind, body and soul” ~ Mana, seminar attendee, hands on transformational therapist, spiritual guide, 45.

Why The Neurology?

Observing Integrity Story: In the late 1970s, after trying the alternative touch therapies, including all manners of massage, chiropractic, diatetic clearing, fasting, and colon cleansing, emotional release, and meditation mastery, I was still in chronic pain, with little lasting relief. Clarity came slowly, as I feared I would have to tear my body to shreds to find the origins and causes of my pain. Meditation guided my desperate search for clues. Divine Intelligence offered this perspective: “Spirit enters the body through the neurology, as does the mind and the will, our feeling body. Pain and ecstasy are both conducted to the brain neurologically. Organ function is coordinated neurologically. Awareness and sensitivity modulate muscular activity. All are moving with the neurology. Stress patterns are rooted in the neurology. They may begin as disturbed patterns arising from our psychological or emotional levels. Some of these patterns are hidden and become trapped in our soft tissues as a nucleus of trauma. These may be reactivated in the areas where the neurology is impinged by the structure or soft tissue. The body may have left some if its witnesses, its nerves, its feelings, back at the scene of any crimes registered against it. Neurological Event Memory is the memory of stress patterns rooted in the neurology, by soft tissue distortions resulting from our history.” These are apparent as areas of shortening in the skeleton. We look for places where symmetry and balance have been lost due to the vectors of impact, injury, repeated imbalanced movements, and chronic emotional tension. Evidence for the smooth operation of all neurology is important to notice.

There are five systems of neurology I am addressing. These are Central Nervous System (CNS), Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Sensory and Peripheral Motor, I also address the energy body surrounding our third dimensional form. Let’s call this the Etheric Sheath. It holds the entire memory of our history, past lives included.

The general strategy for Neurological Integration is to address the neurology from the largest nerve to the smallest nerve. We also pay attention to the largest muscle mass on top of the largest nerves, as well as skeletal structural symmetry for observable clues. Balance in the paired muscle groupings becomes evident with a little scrutiny.

Firstly, check balance of the head and neck, the eyes, observe the present functioning of the cranial nerves, twitchy eye, TMJ, wandering eye, smiling both sides of the mouth, facial expressions, articulation of speech. A lisp indicates trauma to the roof of the mouth and possibly the perineum. Notice shoulder elevation and rotation, space between ribs and hips, ASIS elevation, fibula rotation, and feet. Side view checking ASIS/PSIS angularity, and balance positions of the low back, head and neck.

Why do distortions from the past tend to continue, controlling present-time structures? The peripheral sensory and motor nervous systems register the peak impulses that they are exposed to and align with these forces for the possibility of their future reoccurrence. We need persuasion more powerful than our history to facilitate change.

Which components of our structure hold impressions from the past? We have a) mental level memory, b) emotional level memory) neurological level memory, and d) muscular level memory. These are all basically soft tissue functions. When we observe the bare skeleton, we see symmetry left and right. We see plumb line balance with gravity at play, 24 X 7. The main clue of the skeleton is that it is smiling wide, it is the happy vehicle of the soul. When we observe the muscle chart, we see tremendous potential for shifting out of balance and symmetry, depending on the prevailing wind or passion. When we study the nervous system chart, we see also a tremendous potential to register stress.

Premise No. 1: Distortions to the basic symmetry and balance of our structure indicate Neurological Event Memory at work.

Premise No. 2: NEM release brings up emotional body and psychological aspects as it begins to relax the entire body, including the areas that are shortened or out of balance. Any of the five nervous systems may be trapped in the NEM.

Premise No. 3: Deep Tissue contact over Origins and Insertions (DTOI) of shortened muscular areas initiates rebalancing, stops proprioreception, and opens neurological pathways, local and general, for the reconciliation process to begin. This is documentable with infrared imaging. DTOI addresses the neurotendenous organ controlling individual local muscular shortening. Our muscles cramping process occurs as a telescopic movement into the tendonous attachment, thickening them. This is indirectly affected by DTOI. Nerve tracts are released as we trace their course through the shortened soft tissue.

Premise No. 4: By examining the critical balance parameters of the skeleton, we can begin to identify the presence of history’s disintegrating influences. NEM.

Premise No. 5: It facilitates the magic of Divine Intelligence to have a working knowledge and awareness of each individual’s patterns of reflex tension and shortening. Then we can resolve history quickly and easily, making it fun and enlightening, while finding hidden gratitude and avoiding pain.

Premise No. 6: By carefully observing the most likely areas for shortening to occur in our structure and balancing these areas, transformation of our entire experience may occur.

Neurological Balance

When the CNS has compression (98% of everyone over 2 years old), the Autonomic Nervous System may be in stress as well. Its Sympathetic System generally activates organ function, particularly adrenals, with naturally occurring speed-like substances. Its Parasympathetic System generates a relaxation response, delivering relaxing substances to the organs. Due to the buildup of injuries to our head, neck, shoulders, and pelvis, both of which source our Parasympathetic response, which the organs are waiting in Sympathetic stress to receive.

The inhibition of the Parasympathetic occurs in many ways; with trauma registered in the structures of the sacrum, the coccyx, and the ischium spacing, as well as concussion and whiplash, shoulder trauma, and arm tension.

For Parasympathetic release in the head, neck and shoulders, decompress cervical spine with attention to suboccipital ridge and scapular balance with cranial nerve XI.

For Parasympathetic release in the pelvis, use DTOI over the shortened nerve tracts of the obdurator, the sciatic, and the pudendal, which provide the structural space for the origin of the pelvic splunchnic nerve, which connects signals between the Parasympathetic origin in the pelvis, the pudendal nerve, and the Sympathetic trunk, through the organs, all the way up to the heart, the Neurological Basis of Our Experience.

Observable Areas Where Shortening Is Likely to Occur When we touch the body, it lengthens. First contact is to the observable areas of shortening, so that structural balance is facilitated.

Head plumb with neck balance Cervical curve Clavicle elevation and balance Shoulder elevation and rotation Scapular elevation, medial/lateral balance Low back curve ASIS/rib spacing ASIS/PSIS angularity PSIS/greater trochanter spacing indicating periformis length Gluteals/sacral/ischeal balance and spacing Knee rotation/fibula position Foot/ankle, inversion/eversion pronation

How do the muscles change shape from trauma? They telescope in and out of the tendons registered in the nerves near the origins and insertions of each muscle. Deep contact is made near the origins and insertions of the corresponding shortened areas, beginning from the central body of the muscle, vectoring toward the ends at their bony attachments.Reflex nerve tension, trapped from the history, is allowed to escape and the muscle can resume its original shape. To rebalance the long side subsequently, light fascia strokes with contractive integrative movements immediately help the specifically long muscle groups to reestablish their balance and length.

Zero Balance Contact

When the joints are half open and half closed, the musculature attains its median balance between flex and stretch. When we maintain this position during contact, we can load the skeleton without distorting the soft tissue. If we fail to maintain zero balance with loading, compression and strain eventually result, instead of easeful effort.

The Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State U.D.B.O.S.S.

And Eternal Youth Enterprises E.Y.E.


A Seminar Series of Effective Natural Health Treatments Entitled

A Transformational Natural Health Experience for

Practitioners and Others Experiential Learning Modules will facilitate Personal Development with a unique synthesis of ancient and original cutting edge Natural Health Tools and Strategies,including access and development of personal bio-force, elemental attunement, emotional release, observational awareness mapping human structural anomalies, developing strategies for opening and balancing individual soft tissue and neurological priorities with resonant energy, positional release and zero balance touch, facilitating clear cognition, mobility and stability. Self massage, the essence of Lomi Lomi ~ Hawaiian style massage, deep tissue contact with neurological focus and integrative analgesic movements will be explored specific to each individual’s priorities. Assessing, opening and balancing the Autonomic Nervous System will have a primary focus. Unresolved trauma clinic will observe and address the specific soft tissue and neurological priorities of each individual in attendance. Strategies addressing reflex nerve tension, Neurological Event Memory, concussion, whiplash, autism, cognitive disorders, head, neck and shoulder trauma, carpal tunnel, hands, feet, legs, low back, pelvis, abdomen, sexual functions, PMS and pregnancy will also be covered. Supported with herbal and dietetic alternatives.

This seminar is presented in three forms.

1. A powerful but brief, one-day introduction touching on all topics. Suggested donation $188. 2. 2) A two-day weekend, which may be a pivotal tranformational experience for those attending. All topics are covered with a little more depth at the weekend. Suggested donation $366. 3. A 60-hour, in-depth study of neurological integration, soft tissue protocols. All topics covered in-depth. “Wannabe” practitioners are welcome to attend and will develop the skills needed to address human structural concerns. Suggested donation $1800.

Partial scholarships may be available by negotiation with instructor, J. Philip Young,, or (888) 817-6687. A class is forming for after the first of the year, in January 2011, on Kaua’i, with the exact dates and place to be announced. Class will be limited in size to 12 people, so reserve your space soon, and let us know of your special needs. Present format looks to be 6 hours class time per week for 10 weeks, with a series of 5 private sessions presented, 2 hours per week for the first 5 weeks. Each student will then treat their choice of one client for 5 sessions outside of class, applying the principles developed during class. Knowledgeable professionals will be interviewed and treated with documentation as a class project. Professional-level skills will be attained.

This Effective Natural Health Treatment Seminar has been developed and is presented by J. Philip Young, Jr. LMT, Natural Health Pioneer , Founder of E.Y.E., U.D.B.O.S.S., and Merlin’s Herbal Magic Formulas and Transformational Technology. At 60 years old, he has 45 years experience as a Natural Health Care Services Provider. His Transformational seminars and bodywork treatments are known worldwide and are being documented in a series of books soon coming. These include Polishing the Goddess, Psychic Self-Defense and Spiritual First Aid, Walking Wounded, Attaining Balance Through Self-Observation Massage and Movement, and Neurologic Integration, The Fast Track for Resolving Personal History.

“Neurological Integration is the fast track for resolving traumatic history.” – J.P. Young Jr. LMT

Seminar Dates: to be announced Location: to be announced Private Sessions with J. Philip Young Jr. are available by appointment. For more information contact Ixa Chaska at 1-888-81-ROOTS Refreshments and a Vegan Lunch will be served both days. Cost: $440. Partial scholarships may be available. Wear comfy clothes, bring yoga mat, water and massage table if available. Space is limited. Contact Ixa to reserve your space and get directions to the location.

Instantaneous Transformation The Autonomic Nervous System facilitates our balanced functioning. The Sympathetic portion is triggered through the adrenal glands stimulating all organ function and making subtle changes in the body for re-activity. Whenever we recognize a challenge our adrenals may trigger, this is good unless they remain actively stimulating the organs and the rest of the body into “fight or flight”. Balance occurs with the pacifying influences of the Parasympathetic phase. This is conducted through a happy brain stem, head neck and shoulders, including a functional pelvis. Proper balance in symmetry of these structures is required for brain function and to protect the nerve passageways.

When the Sympathetic phase is unanswered by the parasympathetic phase, all tissues remain tense, ready for survival strategies whatever they may be. Nurturing our organs and tissue is not possible during this time of alarm. The Parasympathetic phase brings expansion, rest, peace, and needed nutrition to the organs and all soft tissue, delivered through the neurology and blood stream for increased circulation and nerve force. Instantaneous Transformation is possible simply by balancing the Autonomic Nervous System by organizing the Neurology supporting the Parasympathetic response.

In Chinese Medicine death from “natural causes” is attributed to slowly roasting ourselves in our own adrenal fire. I used to think this was because everyone seems to be addicted to the sensational, which may increase stress endlessly. Many people are already overwhelmed yet seek more stimulation. Our natural pacifying influences become blocked from structural trauma to their origins, again, head neck and shoulders, low back, and pelvis. The quality of our psyche, the fabric of our emotional body shape and are shaped by this exquisite neurological web. Smooth nerve forces in these areas generate deeply relaxing neural-transmissions to the organs and the entire body. Alleviating soft tissue impingements to the nerves in the areas sourcing the parasympathetic response liberates their pacifying signals and immediately brings the body into its normal optimal functional balance.

Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State

Disclaimer, Caution, and Admonition

Notice to Students, Clients, and Congregation of U.D.B.O.S.S.,

Effective Health Treatments Extra-Dimensional Educational Series, Services, The Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir and

Extra-Dimensional Resource Catalogue. Thank You for Noticing What We are Endeavoring and for Being In Resonance NOW With the Deepest Running Vital Current Streaming. Share with Us, as Your Family, We Are All In Process, Having Needs, Hopes, and Fears, Renewed with Each Others Love and Support Manifesting the Vision of Heaven On Earth. A World where Caring is the Mode of the Day, Time is Given to Bridge Each of Us Through, and to Manifest a Sustainable Culture, Economically, Ecologically, and Emotionally.

To Stay on the Path Homeward requires Comprehensive Participation On Our Own Behalf, Honestly, and with All the Awareness, Sensitivity, and Persistent Focus Given to Us in order to Resolve the Energies we have trapped here in our beings from history. As well again, to Stabilize Ourselves as Beings of Integrity Generating Over-Flowing Energies to Share Tirelessly in Loving Service. We Honor the Vital Wave of Life Moving through Ourselves and All Creation Now as One.

For Many of Us Life is a Process of Illumination whereby We Balance and Align Ourselves with Vital Integrity Wherever We Recognize It. Personal and Planetary Ecology is a Divinely Ordered Process of Reconciliation. Even so, this Path is fraught with Challenges and Enigmas, while Transforming our accumulated ignorance. For instance, Healing Crisis, or Aggravation of Symptoms almost always Occurs when We Are Doing Everything Right. As well, with Neurological Integration Contacts when we properly Asses and Release the Patterns of shortening in the body on top of the neurology we find gratitude and the Entire Posture Shifts, which may aggravate symptoms of discomfort immediately with muscle spasms pertinent to the spaces newly released and needing to shorten. Specific Integrative Analgesic Movements End crisis Symptoms NOW when they are Applied As A Present Priority. These exercises are applied in conjunction with Neurological Integration Contact.

UDBOSS Extra-Dimensional educational series, resources and services are presented to assist all beings on our path homeward. Your support is also needed with whatever your passion directs you to share. Keep in touch.

Toll free number: 1-888-81-ROOTS

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