Living More Closely With Spirit and Nature

Table of Contents:

  1. Testimonials for The Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir.
  2. One-Dose Life Changers
  3. Contraindications for use of OMHMRE.
  4. Ho’oponopono, Clearing the Way5. Beatitudes Supporting
  5. Harmonious Relationships and Community
  6. Medicine Buddha
  7. Integration method
  8. Liquid Diet Options
  9. Satisfaction Formula
  10. Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State Invocation
    ~ The Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir ~ OMHMRE


Micheal Ancharski, N.D., Eclectic Herbalist: “OMHMRE is an
energizing 100% herbal tonic that also tastes good, well done.”

Catherine Downey, N.D., Herbalist: “Many people enjoy the Original
Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir and it gives them lots of energy without
being stimulating like caffeine. It seems to support the adrenals, which is so
important in this stressed out world! “Miles Greenberg, ND: "Phil's
adaptogenic formula is a refreshing and unique drink with a kick, that has
diverse health benefits.”

Steven Dubey, N.D, L.Ac.: “I was feeling the approach of the flu and just fasted, dosing every 2 hours or so through the day with OMHMRE … the flu never came!”

Richard Himmelman L.Ac:  “This is a very powerful over the counter formula and when used as directed has a wonderful balancing response.  I recommend

Kathy Matara, Herbalist: “OMHMRE provides some serious bliss, I
love how it makes me feel.” Carlos, Nutritional Consultant, Raw
Foodist: “OMHMRE is magical food.”

Richard Healfrich, Herbalist,
Author, Health Supplement Distributor: “I can hardly wait to market
your wonderful herbal formula.”Jeffrey Rose, Owner Natural Zing,

Health food distributor: “I love OMHMRE, it’s a product that really
works, please send more as soon as possible.”

Kenneth C. Hunt, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Arrowhead Industries Corporation and Executive Director Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation, age 61: “I am grateful for OMHMRE formula. When beginning my day with a ROOTS drink my cravings for sugar and sweets is
noticably diminished.”

26-year- old American male: “OMHMRE makes me feel more energized and compassionate.”

33-year- old Kauaian, female: “OMHMRE deeply nourishes and helps cleanse my being on many levels. Ingesting about 1/2 teaspoon daily in the rising or
afternoon truly helps me feel sustained and energized throughout the
day.”Male Mid-thirties: “This stuff is great, I could feel it from the very
first drink. I love it!”Merlin: “This herbal beverage Awakens a Global
Recognition Of Our True Self as One Being ALIVE Connected in
Nature.”Dr. Kathy Matara, Lineage Herbalist and Alchemist, degree in
Ayurveda, Certified Raw Foods instructor trained at the Ann Wigmore
Institute in Puerto Rico: "Philip Young is in my opinion an
extraordinary Alchemist. His formulas are a synergy of God’s most
powerful Plant Allies, that promote the body’s ability to heal, cleanse
and balance itself, to live in an optimally functioning physiology. [The
Formulas] restore happiness, supports success, and the resultant
fulfillment of desires. Including the Green Ninja in your daily routine is a potent form of Self-Love. You deserve it!”

One-Dose Life Changers

We wish to share with you who we are and what we ultimately are trying to accomplish. Some background first.
Merlin’s Herbal Magic is an educational mission of the Union of Divine Beings of One
Sovereign State UDBOSS. We have a tremendously supportive and committed group of
ministers who manifest the daily operations of Merlin's.  Our congregation insists that these
formulas continue to be made available. We have witnessed many diverse health benefits
with their use.
The Roots Elixir has delivered numerous one-dose Life Changers…  To name a few…

  1. A suicidal man became our best promoter after one dose, helped him to feel his own self worth and true value with life and nature!!! One dose…
  2. The man who fainted in the hot sun was up and moving well in less than one minute after 1/2 tsp. of Roots Elixir in one cup of water.  With more water to follow he stabilized.
  3. The eleven-year old child with ADHD disrupting class, avoiding chores, living in chaos; within two hours after his first dose of Roots Elixir, he had cleaned his room, the yard, and organized his things! The next day he said “don’t give me anymore of that, it makes me work too hard”… “No wait a minute that’s what I really want!” Next week his teacher asked what changed the boy, because “he now leads the class and we can see how bright he really is”…
  4. A Hawaiian man, 75 years old, still active, rides horses, drives bulldozers… Was going through Tremens Palsy of the initial stages of Parkinson's disease. With one dose he could relax, and with regular use the Tremens were gone.  As well he said he no longer needed the blue pill for erectile dysfunction (ED).
  5. Low blood sugar and electrolytes are corrected within ten seconds of using Roots Elixir and water. My friend, the tree man, in his late twenties delivering wood chip mulch Saturday a.m. to my farm with a huge hang-over, could barely open his eyes, his head was pounding.  (He had to off-load the fresh mulch or it would compost inside the truck and not come out at dumping.) I gave him half a teaspoon of Roots Elixir in coconut water.   His headache was completely gone in ten seconds flat. Years later he still uses Roots Elixir!
  6. People ending addictive patterns by using Roots Elixir at the onset of cravings, gone… We can resist cravings with a clear, well-fed, high-functioning mind.


With consistent use, both formulas deliver impressive results.  Such as:

  1. One young man early twenties with muscular dystrophy regained strength and mobility using Roots Elixir over a year, increasing body weight by nearly 10% over-all.  He began teaching yoga because the movement with the herbs is transformational.
  2. My protege and friend Dr. Jerry Bobo, Psychiatrist from San Diego, prescribes Roots Elixir and yoga exclusively to his clients who uniformly recover from all manners of psychological disengagement.
  3. Epileptics’ brain function is reported to be smoother with use of both formulas. Over-time this is seen to reduce the need for sedative medications.
  4. Roots Elixir corrects pancreatic function, presumably by feeding the digestive organs with powerful alkalizing nutrients which bolsters the body’s ability to balance sugars.  While helping to burn stored body fat (which is also causative of diabetes).
  5. Roots Elixir facilitates weight loss…  One local girl, here on island, in her forties, couldn’t lose any weight after her third child, she became 300 lbs. at 5’6 tall.   I gave her a travel pack of Roots Elixir as Spirit directed, with the encouragement that she could live on this formula for as long as she wanted to.  She lost 150 lbs. in 18 months, becoming very attractive again, simply by drinking a few cups of Roots Elixir daily with water, she said “It gives me so much energy, I don’t even think of food.” Working at a health food store that features our products, she became a top advocate for our products…
  6. The Green Ninja formula usually takes consistent use to notice the deep up-leveling that occurs. We have seen a few extreme, phase-four cancer victims, left by their doctors to die after major chemotherapy and radiation, who regained appetite, dignity, mobility, and had reduced inflammation and pain in their last months or years of life.  Most have astonished their doctors with their persisting vitality.
  7. As well, the Roots Elixir with single or consistent use provides most vitamins, minerals, essential proteins, fats, and sugars from raw organic plant forms.  Roots Elixir provides a sense of well-being as it neutralizes poisons in the body, chelates the heavy metals out of the body, soothes arthritis' pain and immobility, buffers the side effects of drugs, and feeds the brain oxygen, iron and essential protein.  As Dr. Miles Greenburg states so well “Your Roots Elixir formula is so comprehensive it is completely adaptogenic; everyone who takes it has a unique response specific to their own needs.”


The Union Of Divine Beings of One Sovereign state is honored to offer Our Favorite Sacrament Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir for All Beings to enjoy. (Merlin even gives OMHMRE to his pets and plants, and of course they love it!) This blend of herbs is used as a general panacea for young and old, male and female, thin or thick, weak or strong. It feeds all of our needs. This powerful synergistic blend of 33 herbs has amazingly few contraindications and many benefits. This original blend is directed toward the rejuvenation of every system comprising our human experience in life. It awakens a deep sense of support from the most Ancient and Sacred Realms.

Contraindications for use:

Due to the small percentage amount of each herb, relative to the formula, it
is unlikely any aggravation will develop from moderate use of Merlin’s
Herbal Roots Elixir, 2 Tbl per day or less. This formula is adaptogenic. It is
responsive to the present needs of all body types, ages and genders. Do not
use Merlin’s Herbal Roots Elixir with the following conditions: Pregnancy,
Cancers of the generative system (hormone related), including breast, ovarian,
uterine, prostate, testicular. Skin cancer. Reduce use one week prior to
surgery. Do not take with other medications, because it may neutralize or inhibit
their absorption. Use 2 hours before or after drugs or other pills.Reduce
amounts with overheating, or loose stools. Sip slowly if taken with food. Thin or
emaciated individuals should use additional nutrients, such as seed or nut milks,
with any Roots used. Expect slow, gentle cleansing, rehealing of old wounds to
a higher level of integrity. As we heal, we often go backwards in symptomology
and re-experience or intensify old illness symptoms as they leave our system.
Alkalizing herbs tend to neutralize toxins as they arise, although the synergistic
healing effect of all the herbs together may bring more toxins to the surface than
are comfortably neutralized. Go slowly. The Naturopathic Doctrine of Similars
indicates aggravation of symptoms may be due to a specific herbal sensitivity to
the formula. This may be good, although uncomfortable, reduce amounts as
needed for comfort. For a more detailed analysis of all the contraindications for
each herb, check our Website:, or contact JP
Young, Jr. at: or Catherine Downey, N.D. at: by email.


Breathe 7 square (in – hold – out – hold)Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son
& Daughter as One, I am here on behalf of myself, my family, relatives,
ancestors, friends and associates, persons, places, things both named &
unnamed, ____________________ (fill in, be specific), from the beginning
of time to the present. If there are any Earthbound spirits, entities, energies,
thoughts, feelings, words, deeds that inhibit or resist the free flow of Life
Force here and now, humbly we ask forgiveness on our behalf and ask that
these energies be released NOW and transmuted into harmony with the
essential fabric of Life, that of Love, Truth, Beauty, Grace, and Sovereignty.
Fill in the space these energies occupied with appropriate Divine vibrations
NOW. Surround us with Three Golden Spheres of Light, emerging from our
hearts, enveloping all Creation within it, merging our One Heart, which only
love may penetrate or escape. Surround us with seven rainbow spheres of
Light which tone and clarify every aspect of our experience and expression
NOW. Share with us, Great Spirit, your diamond presence so that every
particle of our beings may know the Simple Truth of Love. In Your Name all
things are done, Divine Creator of all, Universal One. At your Mercy,
Humbly we Remain in Your Service Now and Evermore. Amen. Mahalo.
AHO.Breathe 7 square (in – hold – out – hold)Adapted from Kahuna Mornah
Simeona’s version of the traditional Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer.

Beatitudes Supporting Harmonious Relationships and Community

Honesty. Integrity. Compassion.
Honoring Spirit, Self, Nature, All Creation.Willingness for Self-Discovery
in alignment with the deepest running current of the Vital Forces accessible NOW,
within and without, in every Dimension, guiding us home to the Source of all. This
path home is called Dharma in Sanskrit.Honoring All Beings’ Discovery process
compassionately, caring for each of us with heart reflections whenever and
wherever needed to maintain harmony.“Emotional Honesty” creates a Loving
space for Self-Discovery.Listening and being heard honors each other’s
perspective, with respect to the timing for our individual awakening while
maintaining harmoniously the dynamic web of our interrelations. Each Being is
Sovereign in the Sacred Process of Living and Embracing Vitality. Aligning with
these preceding beatitudes facilitates harmonious relationship and

Avoiding the following behaviors is imperative to harmonious relationship and
community, according to Chuang Tzu 4,000 years ago.

The eight defects:

  1. Monopolizing
  2. Loquacity (talking too much, which no one cares to hear)
  3. Sycophancy (trying to please with sweet talk)
  4. Flattery (praising without regard to right or wrong)
  5. Calumny (being fond of speaking of human failings)
  6. Mischievousness (to part friends and to separate relatives)
  7. Depravity (being unreliable of character)
  8. Dangerous (to spy or misrepresent oneself)


The four evils:

  1. Ambition (to excess)
  2. Greediness
  3. Obstinancy (to see one’s errors without changing, and to go on more resolute on one’s way when corrected)
  4. Boastful conceit (to approve of only those who agree with us, and most likely attack the challenging messenger)

Once we put away the eight defects and make no course for the four evils, we
begin to be ready to learn about the mysterious Tao, the Enduring Way of Life.
Lao Tsze from James Legge Lectures on Religion

Therefore the sage holds (this) one thing (of humility) in his embrace, and is
a pattern to the world. He is free from self display, and so he shines; free from self-assertion, and so he is distinguished; free from boasting, so his merit is acknowledged; free from self-conceit, and so his superiority is allowed. It is because he is free from striving that therefore no one can strive with him. (complete)

The follower of Tao anticipates things that would become difficult while they are easy, and does things that would become great while they are little. The difficult things arise from what is easier, and the great things from what are small. Thus it is that the sage never does what is great, and therefore can accomplish the greatest things.

Medicine Buddha 12 Extraordinary Aspirations of the Medicine Buddha for the benefit of all beings.

Tireless compassion and service to humanity are outlined in these Sutras ascribed to the Medicine Buddha. Every level of Human Need is Clearly Addressed and Sanctified as Appropriate Action on a Path of Dharma, which is the reconciliation of energies trapped within the bonds of ignorance, unconscious and will-fullness throughout our experience. Buddha went just about everywhere ministering in India, the setting for this particular Sutra was one of the major cities in India at that time, Viasali. The assembled group was extremely large and consisted of a great many Monks and Nuns and a great many Bodhisattvas, both male and female, it consisted of monarchs; the Ministers of these Monarchs and the Common People from the Kingdom of these Monarchs. There were also Innumerable Spirits and Local Divinities in Attendance, all of whom had
assembled in order to Hear this teaching.

These Sutras were given in response to a question by Buddha’s foremost disciple,
Manjushri, concerning those Buddha’s who had made extraordinary aspirations for the benefit of beings, what their aspirations were, and what the benefits of recollecting their names would be. He asked Buddha to explain how these things would benefit the beings of the future. Buddha delighted in an opportunity to deepen our awareness about the means of our purification of obscurations in general and especially the means of eradicating the sickness of beings in the future. He asked Manjushri to “listen well, listen fully and hold the vision in your mind”. Then Buddha tells the story that in the Eastern Direction Innumerable Realms away you will reach the Buddha Realm called the Light of Vaidhurya, or the Light of Lapis Lazuli. In that Realm there Abides the Buddha by the Name Bhaishajyai Guru, the Medicine Buddha known as the Light of Lapis Lazuli Who Taught the Dharma there. The Buddha tells Manjushri that because of the 12 extraordinary aspirations made by this Buddha, Bhaishajyai Guru before He Attained Enlightenment, there is Tremendous Benefit inRecollecting his Name and Tremendous Blessings in Aligning with Him as an Ally, Guide, and Friend.

First Aspiration: “In the future, when I attain perfect awakening and become a Buddha, may my utterly luminous body illuminate innumerable worlds, and may all the beings who see it come to possess a body just like that, adorned with the thirty-two marks and eighty signs of the body of a Buddha.”

Second Aspiration: “In the future, when I attain perfect awakening and become a Buddha, may my Body be as brilliant and lustrous as the jewel of Vaidhurya or lapis lazuli. May it be Stainless and Luminous, Vast, Pleasing, Glorious, Majestic in Every Way. And may All Who See it be Benefited by it.”

Third Aspiration: “May I be able to bring about Prosperity for All Beings.”

Fourth Aspiration: “May I be able to Extricate Beings who have taken incorrect paths and place them on Paths that lead them to Liberation.”

Fifth Aspiration: “May I be able to Inspire Morality in All Beings.” Morality: conducting oneself physically, verbally, and mentally in a way that is Beneficial to and not harmful to others.

Sixth Aspiration: “May I be able, by my blessing to heal anyone who is born with any congenital physical problem, or defect, such as impaired senses, impaired limbs, or virulent disease.”

Seventh Aspiration: “May it be so, that anyone who hears my name may be alleviated of the sufferings of sickness and poverty that afflict those who find themselves seriously ill with no help, no friends, and no resources, or by seeing an image of me. Furthermore, that beings in that situation are freed from their suffering now, that those beings would never again become ill throughout all of their lifetimes until their attainment of Buddhahood.”

Eighth Aspiration: “May I Free Human Beings from situations of discrimination.”

Ninth Aspiration: “May I Free All Beings from the noose or lasso of mara.” The noose or lasso of mara refers to that which obstructs liberation.

Tenth Aspiration: “May I Free Beings from persecution by their rulers.” If one practices with great diligence one can transcend all fear once and for all.

Eleventh Aspiration: “May I give all beings the physical means of survival, physical
nutrition, and the spiritual nutrition of the dharma.” The delightful taste of dharma means hearing the dharma and tasting it in that way, and then practicing it, and through practicing it, becoming truly happy.

Twelfth Aspiration: “May I provide clothing to those who need it, ornamentation, and musical instruments and the sound and presence of music in one’s life for those who lack these.”

As we come to understand the value of generosity, we will actually become generous. Becoming generous one will have a pleasant rebirth. And throughout all their future lives, this momentum of generosity will be present, so that they will they always be generous, and they will actually become a source of encouragement for others to be generous as well.

Eternal Youth Enterprises


Integration Method


I Am present in perfect stillness. I Am witness to all creation.
I Am the fire of Truth enlightening all.
I Am the World: I Am. Aum…Aum…Aum… bringing the elements into form.
I Am the Breathe of Life kindling the sacred fire.
I Am the Water of New Life refreshing all.
I Am the dust of the Earth supporting and sustaining all life.
Thank you Blessed Elementals for your perfect formation.


I accept my body.
I accept my sexual and emotional expression.
I accept my power.
I love and I am loved. There is a place for me in this world.
I deal with my world creatively.
I see the inner wisdom.
I use my intelligence to support the unity and integrity of all.
I Am that I Am.
There is an ocean of warmly glowing molten love over-flowing pure love light spilling
a rivulet into all being, filling every cell in brilliant love light.
I am love light.
I am open to receive the guidance here for me now.


I Am blissfully present within and without my body.
I interact freely with all being.
Universal Harmony is my power.
I Am Love, wholly given and wholly received.
I Am the communion of all being.
I see the pure essence in all things.
I Am One with All.

All thought held in consciousness at this level manifests without resistance. Remain positive.
Affirmations are repeated on the out breath of deep rhythmic breathing until
participant is present and clear on each phrase before continuing.
Thanks to all beings who helped manifest this eclectic form.

© 1988-2017 E.Y.E. – Eternal Youth Enterprises.

Effective Natural Health Treatments Educational Series. LIQUID DIET


The Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir was developed to support
clarification in our diets, for cleansing and nourishing, as well as to neutralize
and alleviate the discomforts that arise in the process of purifying ourselves.
OMHMRE makes fruit and vegetable juices more alkalizing, making them a
nourishing and grounding meal, so that we can stay energized through the entire
process. Go slowly. Safe journeys. Questions or comments for OMHMRE may
be sent to:, and orders may be placed here on our website.

Disclaimer: These anecdotal testimonials and recipes are not intended to diagnose medical conditions nor prescribe treatments. Have your Naturopathic Physician approve your participation on any intensive liquid diet program. Our sense: cleansing internally is recommended for all Humans four times a year, preferably solstices and equinoxes when the cosmos is doing our laundry for us naturally.

Taking Perspective

Most of us are harboring various pathogenic elements including high
cholesterol, heavy metals, parasites, candida and chronic fatigue, unless we
have already created a regular and ongoing strategy to deal with them. Effective
use of the recipes and combinations of elements described herein will have a
positive effect on these vectors while building health in many diverse ways.
The Ancients noticed that in order to maintain our Vital manifestation and
expression, a fully balanced elemental presence is required. It is nature within us.
Life’s basic quest is to discover this Sacred Dance of Balancing Our Beings
through the Elements. Matching Nutrient Range with Individual Activity Level is
required for homeostasis. Every entity has its specific elemental needs. When all
of the Elements are present, in assimilable form, the body can choose the
elements it needs now core-responding to all its needs. Brain function and organ
function are enhanced and normalized with broad spectrum nutritional support.
Gabriel Cousins MD indicates in The Rainbow Diet that the colors of any food
indicate its elemental vibration, and that we should include foods from the entire
spectrum in our daily diets. The ancient Chinese determined the five tastes
correspond with the five elements of nature. Chinese Macrobiotic awareness
makes a place for all five tastes in every meal. They recognize the profound effect
when the body has every element, and may choose what it needs. Certain herbs
contain all 5 of these flavors which as well correspond to five organs each
bolstered by one particular flavor. The five tastes for Chinese medicine are sweet,
sour, bitter, pungent and salty. Schizandra Berries have all 5 of these flavors.

In Ayurveda they use 3 element medicine: water, fire, and air body types and
elementals. They recommend various diets corresponding to your constitutional
body type, for best results. The herb Triphala represents a tonic for all three
elemental types in Ayurveda. The Medicine Buddha indicates Triphala to be
the most important Herb which is catalytic when added to any herbal formula.
Naturopaths call this broad elemental support adaptagenic, making it possible for
the body to choose the elements it needs in present time. The OMHMRE is
adaptogenic in even more ways. It’s 33 herbs include Maca, Marshmallow Rt,
Slippery Elm Bark, Triphala, Allspice, American Ginseng, Ashwaganda,
Astragalus Rt, Burdock Rt, Dong Quai, Fo-Ti Rt, Licorice Rt, Milk Thistle Seed,
Pau D’Arco, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto Berries, Schisandra Berries, Suma Rt,
Wild Yam Rt, Anise Seed, Bilberry Leaf, Cats Claw, Ginger, Gingko Leaf, Gota
Kola, Irish Moss, Nettle Leaf, Olive Leaf, Passion Flower Herb, Dandelion Rt,
Kelp Powder, Cayenne, and Vanilla Orchid Bean make an amazingly adaptogenic

All plants and animals have their unique elemental needs, for instance, to grow our food, basic elemental balance is required for each plant with soil, water, sunlight, air, and vibratory energy, as evident with the plants feeding response to bird sounds and other music as well as reacting immediately to our thoughts and
feelings about them. As well, all animals have their appropriate habitat with
specific elemental support required regarding food, water, and shelter. Humans
have similar needs yet have developed a far more complex and unsustainable
“reality” which fails to adequately supply our needs, and has created a very
precarious existence due to our unsustainable use of resources. One of the
Missions of UDBOSS is to identify and maintain access to these Vital Aspects
of Our Divine Heritage by creating Sustainable Models for Habitats as needed
around this Precious Planet Earth. We are making these educational materials
available to Our Entire Human Family, with the hope of streamlining access and
alignment with Our Vital Resources. Through our many years of study and
research certain consistent patterns have revealed themselves which we will reflect
here for your Information and Delight. Yin Fu King, “The way of the small
aligning with tremendous forces”, the oldest book in China, indicates that by
observing the Way of Heaven in Nature and by Aligning Our Actions accordingly,
We have success in everything We do. The Elements of Nature produce our
experience, thereby controlling and defining it. The book presents the “five”
elements as being the five foes, which when they are in harmonious balance,
support Vitality, and when in imbalance may sabotage any of our activities.
When balance is maintained with the elements, vitality, abundance, and
prosperity ensue with all. The Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls advocate
meditation, prayer, breath work, and movement for aligning our core energy, and
to precede elemental shifts in nourishment. These energies are summoned by
inviting the Elemental Angels to assist our clarity and balance with each element.

We begin the journey by shifting the subtlest aspects of our being into it with imagination and feeling, this facilitates our being centered while the grosser
aspects of our being are going through the laundry. ~Merlin~Merlin’s
Liquid Diet Program to Cleanse and Rebuild the Body:
Air Rescue (AIRSQ) – 2 percent food grade H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, with
essential oils of White Thyme, Atlas Cedar, and Spearmint. Put in a spray bottle
with pure water and spray to create a pure oxygen-hydrogen air infusion which
disinfects and refreshes, supercharging stagnant air with fresh prana. (Lifetrons)

It also inhibits mold, mildew and fungal growth. Use as mouthwash, for wound
care First Aid, deodorant, and general food grade cleansing. Great for stuffy,
indoor air, bathrooms, old cars. Spray daily where mold tries to root.

Water0. Pure Spring Water: Drink 2-4 Litres daily as needed. Note: All
nutrient sources tend to be dehydrating even if they are liquids because they
stimulate body functions. So drink a lot of water, preferable local Spring Water or
Well Water or if need be, filtered water, being sure to be well educated about the
type of filter. Bacteriacide type “filters” may cause allergic response to some
individuals as well as reverse ionization, distillation or from plastic bottles taint.
Keep plastic water bottles out of direct sunlight.Grounding

1. Bentonite clay milk: sip anytime discomfort is extreme – make w/ 1 tsp
bentonite clay and 1 pint pure water, shake and allow it to settle, only sip creamy
liquid, leave sediment at bottom, use anytime as needed. Bentonite stays in the
intestines.Herbal Antibiotic2. Our Green Ninja Longevity Guardian Formula
is the best choice for this level of physiology.

Green Ninja Chi
Longevity Guardian Formula
Feel the Joy in Living Again

Living More Closely With Spirit and Nature demands creative action while
utilizing skillful means. Time has revealed the need for a comprehensive
product which satisfactorily addresses all of our exposures to
pathogenic vectors here on Earth Being Human. These include,
primarily, stress, hunger, exhaustion, addiction, congestion, bloating,
inflammation, pain, infection, oxidation, ionization, heavy metals,
parasites, insomnia, sleep apnea, diabetes, hepatitis, anemia, candida
yeast, fungal exposure, pneumonia, TB, Cancer, S.T.D.'s, Chronic
Fatigue, etc., while completely nourishing and supporting elimination,
rejuvenation, red blood cell development, new tissue growth, and
boosting immune response. Merlin's Herbal Magic Green Ninja Herbal

Guardian Formula brings together some of the most effective herbs on
the planet for guarding our vitality by addressing all of these
pathogenic vectors simultaneously. I have always dreamed of having
one simple, tasty herbal tea blend or powder that favorably addresses
every known adverse human condition, while being safe for children
and people in a weakened state. Green Ninja Herbal Guardian Formula
is just that. Slightly ambitious, although Divine Intelligence has called for
it. One of the biggest challenges in treating things naturally is to have
enough potent, effective ingredients on hand for any eventuality. Each
of the herbs in GNCLGF is an entire medicine cabinet of positive effects in
the body. It supports the body’s dynamic response with every eventuality.
They work together to satisfy every need. Green Ninja Herbal Guardian
Formula has enough of these basic effective ingredients for definite and
consistent effects. Green Ninja Herbal Guardian Formula deserves a
place in every First Aid and Survival kit. By itself, Green Ninja Herbal
Guardian Formula is a good start on any First Aid or Survival Kit.
Recommended Dosages:
Initial Use: All persons may benefit from ingesting Green Ninja
Herbal Guardian Formula.The best we have found is to use Green Ninja
Guardian Formula in the morning, as a cleansing, healing breakfast
extending to lunch. The healing benefits will last all through the day and
night. Use 1 tsp per cup every hour with juice as a meal replacement
through the morning. You will see hunger vanish with all the pathogens.
Clarity and energy arrive. Thank you, Merlin's Herbal Magic Green Ninja
Longevity Guardian Formula for holding safe our Sacred Space. This
may be the perfect longevity, cleansing and nourishing, fasting support tool.
Virtually without side effects to complement its powerful, directly vital

Note: The following is a listing of the herbs contained in Green Ninja
Herbal Guardian Formula, in order by weight and alphabet, with a brief
synopsis of their Customary and Traditional Uses.

Moringa leaf and fresh pods are from a powerful tropical/sub-tropical
legume tree with many powerful nutritional and antibiotic properties. It
contains all the essential amino acids in good balance with 10 extra aminos
supporting, minerals, calcium, iron, zinc, and with vitamins A, B6, and C.
Moringa brings joy into longevity: It corrects malnutrition and scurvy; the
delicious and continuously available seed pods kill worms, heal impotence,
and infertility. This yummy green leaf nearly doubles milk production and
infant growth rate. It clears AIDS, S.T.D’s, Herpes, and is radio-protective;
it is used as a poultice for wounds. Seed cake purifies water 99.99%. This
drought tolerant plant is always covered with leaves, flowers, and fruits, even at the end of the dry season, where it may be the only source of food. Highly prized, it grows in in India, Asia, Africa, the Americas, Polynesia and the Philippines. Worldwide it has singlehandedly saved countless lives throughout time. One of the longest cultivated plants its name is 6000 years old. Seed powder stops infection topically, NOW.

Noni fruit powder, a peppery sweet enzymatic catalyst. Noni is another tropical super food herb. It helps to normalize all functions in the body, boosting the immune system, optimizing assimilation, facilitating elimination, antibacterial, antifungal, dissolves urinary grit and plaque throughout the body, anti inflammatory assisting diverse conditions such as blood pressure, allergy, heart disease, pain, and cancer, promoting well being on every level. Books have been written concerning noni’s multiple health benefits. Its addition catalyzed our formula to make its deeper nutrients, instantly available.

Olive Leaf Leaf from the plant form with the greatest individual longevity,
each bush stays healthy alive for over 2,000 years. No pests or disease
attack it because it will kill them. Parasite killer, calcium-rich nutritive
tonic, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, broad scale immune support,
clears exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. Safe for children, supports
healthy digestive flora.

Pau D’Arco Inner bark of tree: a tonic and blood purifier, safe even for
children; cellular energizer, brain oxygenator, for Parkinson’s,
headaches; gum disease; counters anemia, building red blood cells;
aids with nutrient uptake boosting digestion and assimilation; balances
Autonomic Nervous System, aids sleep, bolsters immune, respiratory
decongestant, anti-flu, antibiotic properties, is radio protective, fights
invading viral and bacteriological vectors of all types, S.T.D’s of all kinds,
yeast infections, candida; assists the spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, may
eliminate diabetes, helps blood disorders, rashes, fistulas, polyps,
psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, pain relief, mineral and vitamin source.
Supports healthy digestive flora. Nicknamed “miracle herb,” from South

Cats Claw Inner bark of a climbing tropical vine. Adaptogenic,
rejuvenative, counters stress, immune booster. Amazing nutritional
profile, including rare alkaloids that are antibiotic, anti-viral, etc., plant
sterols, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, turpines, antioxidants.
Counters inflammation, calms arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, allergies,
asthma, counters viral infections, herpes, candida yeast, chronic
fatigue, STDs, cancers, cysts, and tumors. Opens circulation by clearing plaque in arteries and urinary tract, supports the heart, kidneys, bladder and prostate. Lessens and buffers pollution factors, including chemotherapy, chemical sensitivities, counters environmental toxins, poisoning, and rebuilds the liver from damage by hepatitis, cleanses intestines, reduces inflammation from colitis,
diverticulitis, fistulas, polyps, ulcers, clears parasites while balancing intestinal flora. Supports emotional stability.

Allspice Berries: Heating pungent adaptogenic five flavors, diuretic,
antiseptic, nervine, stimulant, dissolves indurite and organic wastes,
anesthetics, paint, plastics, etc. Urinary disinfectant, loaded with
minerals and vitamins. Alleviates diabetes. Yummy cinnamon, clove and
cardamom-like flavor.

Coriander is a delicious, aromatic, carminative herb. It is rich in protein,
fat, and minerals, which deeply soothes the nerves, helps remove toxic
elements from the body.

Ginger Root: Brings heat, aids digestion, doubles assimilation,
improves vitality, relieves spasms, cramps and nausea, promotes
menses, increases metabolism and appetite, good topically for poultice
and sore muscles.

Triphala: Three different fruits, two bitter, one sour: Adaptogenic for air,
fire, and water, the Ayurvedic Doshes, catalytic, regenerative, laxative,
clears heat, plaque and pollution. Feeds liver, adrenals, and bowel,
regulates elimination, rejuvenates and revitalizes. Speeds repair of
connective tissues with Vitamins A, E & C.

Turmeric Root: Bittersweet, antioxidant, stops bleeding, eases pain,
inflammation, antibacterial, supports the liver, assimilation, spurs bile,
clears cholesterol, parasites, arthritis, and morning stiffness; good for
poultice for all skin ailments, its elemental curcumin inhibits cancer.

Stevia Leaf: Sweetener 300X sweeter than white sugar, body does not
digest or absorb carbohydrates from stevia. It kills bacteria in the
mouth, intestines, kidneys, bladder, including gum disease, candida,
cystitis, yeast and bladder infections, with Pau D'Arco for diabetes. High
in minerals, helps PMS, with magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
selenium, iron, silicon and zinc. 300X sugar overstimulates harmful
bacteria, which kills them, while being safe for digestive flora.
Vanilla Orchid Bean Pod of a climbing aromatic orchid vine. Aromatic,
adaptagenic emotional balancer, second most popular flavoring after

Wow, what a wonderful group of herbs to have around!

All herbs are certified organically grown, except for Pau D’Arco and Cats Claw, which are consciously wildcrafted

3. Fresh Organic Citrus Seed Extract. Use seedy citrus: tangerines or
manderine oranges, lemon, grapefruit, pomelo. Half fill blender with the seeds and
pulp of whatever seedy citrus is available, chop in one peel, per dozen tangerines,
separate and set aside juice from ½ the fruits and add only enough for grinding it
into a thick creamy pudding. May add extra ginger and one tablespoon of
OMHMRE into the blend. Strain with nylon net strainer bag before storing in ice
cube tray. This pure citrus extract is one of the most potent plant substances ever!
This stuff will close your wounds, clean your liver, make you sing, dance and
shout for joy with freedom from candida, parasites, inflammatory conditions,
ulcers, cholitus, and many other degenerative conditions. Sip saved juice as a
chaser. This remedy, if done repeatedly, may bring immortality.

4. Shake the flu shake. Mix in blender one ice cube fresh citrus seed extract
per serving with other fresh fruits, dates if needed, coconut water with the juice of
3 oranges or 6 tangerines, may use grapefruits, add 2 dates, 2 bananas, papaya or
other fruits and coconut water with 1 tsp OMHMRE to fill blender. May use any
combination of fruit juice or water and stevia on top of the citrus base, use 3 days
in a row to shake the flu.

5. Soursop leaf, harvested when newly emerging, eat 3-5
leaves daily for 3 days in a row for parasites or other inflammatory conditions. Mix
antiseptic skin wash for fleas, lice, and ticks while being nontoxic for humans and
pets. Astringents

6. Teas, ginger, mint, camomile, rosehips, etc. With lemon.

7. Chew and suck sweet sappy tar from 6 plump juniper berries. These are loaded with terpenes and bioflavinoids to disolve the sludge in the body. Disinfects and heals all the little places where it was hiding.

8. Master Cleanser Style: Lemon, cayenne, stevia, ginger, The Original Merlin’s
Herbal Magic Roots Elixir, if needed or use whatever sweetener you desire, agave,
maple, honey, etc., OR sour passion flower juice. If really ill, add pau d’arco.
Use 1 Tbsp per quart liquid.

9. Liver flush, begin after the 3rd day of laxatives, w/ 2-4 oz olive oil, equal parts
lemon, pinch of cayenne or garlic, or daily with 1-2 Tbls oil, etc., with sour juices
as desired. Milder version: 1 quart orange/grapefruit juice blend with 1 tsp
OMHMRE with 2 ozs olive oil. Good for those sensitive to citrus. May be
used daily as long as desired.


10. Seawater flush: optional 1st thing in the morning of 3rd day of
cleanse, do 3 days in a row – recipe: mix 1 tsp sea salt with 1 quart warm water,
drink all within 10 minutes, bowel movement should occur w/in one hour,

otherwise drink another quart of warm water with 1 tsp sea salt.11. Garlic Carrot
Flush: The juice of 3-4 medium cloves garlic juiced w/ 3-4 medium carrots, pinch
of OMHMRE – dissolves and eliminates hard matter in intestines, helps
elimination of parasites, candida, alleviates symptoms of pneumonia and
bronchitis. Use 3 days in a row at least. To make: Juice 5 lbs organic carrots with
2 entire bulbs of organic garlic with ¼ lb. ginger root and 3 apples. In the tropics,
we can add up to 2 lbs of blushing green papaya. (Remove the seeds.) Garlic juice
made this way, may promote elimination within hours of ingestion. It will change
your metabolism, your mood immediately. This is YUMMY fire. Apporpriate for
death bed application. Can provide instantaneous results.
12. The sap of aloe vera leaf. Collect by first washing leaf with a damp cloth,
slicing leaf and putting it immediately into a clean glass vessel, harvest 3 leaves
this way for one preparation. Mix sap only with one ounce lemon juice and one
cup fruit juice makes four doses. Drink 2 ounces on empty stomach and
refridgerate remainder, use 3- 4 days in a row, first in am, even before other bitter
herbs. This remedy will teach you how to run in the dark at 4 am to find the

P.S. For Children: Golden shower tree pod is a chocolatey flavored senna family
family mild enough for children. 13. Juice of aloe, grapefruit, green papaya,
ginger, turmeric, noni, a pinch of OMHMRE, may substitute pineapple/lemon
for grapefruit or other combinations. May process fresh aloe gel with lemon and
digestive enzymes. To save, pour into ice cube trays and freeze, for quick addition
to smoothies and fruit drinks. This blend clears internal debris at an elemental
level. Its enzymes are capable of transforming waste elements and pollution into
useful elements. It is a mild, 24-hour laxative.


14. Mature Green Papaya Juice w/ginger and turmeric. Use blushing hard
Papaya. Scrub, cut off scabby spots on skin. Remove all dark or black seeds.
When ¼ ripe, yet hard, the fruit has full sugar already. 20 lbs. of fruit makes one
gallon of juice. Use a hand of ginger and a hand of turmeric mixed in with it. Use
a shot 2 to 4 oz. before and after meals, mixed into dressings and sauces. It clears
plaque everywhere in the body. Every tube opens more. It supports liver, lymph,
immune kidneys, bloodstream, eyes, brain, etc. opening, uplifting clearing our
entire experience.

15. Dr. Gravy Deal, Dc., PHD, has recommended digestive enzymes in water as
a valuable cleansing, fasting aid throughout the day, if trying to cleanse or reduce.
This cleans the organs, liver, kidney, bowel, bladder, lymph, and helps catalyze
stored body mass into energy. I use green papaya, pineapple or mango juice when
available. Clearing dosage: try 6 capsules in one pint of water or coconut water
taken before or between meals, with pinch OMHMRE.

Adult Baby Foods: Sub-acid Fruits, Seeds, and Greens Blended
16. Mix available seasonal juices of any or all: Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Green
Papaya, Lemon, Tangerine, Banana, Grapefruit, Soursop, Apple, and Greens:
Water Ferns, Peppermint and Mulberry Leaves (soul food silk worms), Okra,
Hibiscus Flowers (unopened), Baby Greens, Celery, Comfrey, Kale, blend together
with OMHMRE and fresh pumpkin seed, hemp seed, or other nuts. Yum Yum
Yum. May add some sweet fruits, ripe papaya, banana, or mango, etc., to balance
flavor.To make in VitaMix: Grind 3/4 cup your choice seed, by itself, for 20
seconds, makes butter. Then add juicy fruits, 100 grams fresh greens (appx 2 cups), 1 tsp OMHMRE, bananas, spoon meat coconut, with its water, knuckle ginger and tumeric. Blend till creamy, use immediately for instant energy. May chill. People with chronic bloating may live on this recipe, or other predigested type presentations.

Neutralizing & Nourishing

17. Sip and salivate grass juices any time as desired. Grass juices, wheat, barley,
or green drinks w/ pinch to ½ tsp OMHMRE – pineapple sliced with comfrey leaf
and mint leaf with enough pineapple juice to blend, do not strain OR other green
medleys, be creative.18. Vegetable juice medley w/ carrots, celery, beets, ginger,
parsley, fresh burdock, mint, apple, OMHMRE, OR similar, be creative, add
soaked nuts, juice them wrapped in the parsley leaves to make a dinner juice
cream.19. Miso soup, use only if salt tolerant. 20. Optional late afternoon/dinner:
cereal milks: soak well washed oats or other grains overnight in fridge and blend
one cup soaked grain w/ soaking liquid, sweetener (we suggest stevia), and
OMHMRE, strain in nylon bag – more grounding than seed milk. May add
pumpkin seed or sesame as well.21. Dinner: One-and- a-half- day sprouted,
quinoa steamed w/ salad.22. Optional potato vegetable broth heated and
strained can use some of the juice and pulp from the juice medley juicing operation for soup, if strained.23. Cognitive Health Support, Addiction Rescue and
Rehab : Yummy Pumpkin seed milk, pesto, desserts and smoothies. Various
Nut and seed milks made with coconut water, coconut meat, OMHMRE, and
stevia to taste. May add extra ginger, fruits, etc., as above in No.16, or whatever
you like. May chill to preserve. Pumpkin seed pesto: Substitute pumpkin seed for other nuts. Use shredded green papaya for additional enzymatic support. I use lemon, garlic, olive oil, basil, cilantro, ginger, and rinsed sea vegetables for a salty flavor.

Desserts: Use ground, dry pumpkin seed with other nuts as a creamy base for
desserts. This nourishes the brain while deepening rest. Pumpkin seed is the base of my diet. I have craved it for years. It is the most abundant food source of tryptophan protein, which feeds the organs of the brain. We have a rebel in our midst. It is our starving brain. Deep survival issues develop preceeding and during starvation. Any and every exciting food or substance may be engaged in our quest for brain nutrients. Stress burns them up. Addictions create a loop game in which a starving brain is always overwhelmed by the wrong choices. Feed this brain, and new levels of behavior become possible immediately. Pumpkin seed may be the brain’s most favorite food. It will drop all addictive preferences when it has enough nutrients. Even if we engage recreational substances or exciting foods, when the brain is nourished, they can do no lasting harm. Feed the brain and be free. Every addictive pattern is anchored in a sense of present insufficiency.

NOTE: Pumpkin seed is a powerful vebrifuge (kills worms) in 2 oz. dosage.
More than 2 oz. can cause slight griping in the large intestine. Be aware.

The Satisfaction Formula:

This organic food supplement blend supplies essential protein to the
neurotransmitter-producing organs of the brain. This may produce profound
shifting of our momentary experience including relaxation, satisfaction,
drowsiness, and/or restive deep sleep. This is due to the neurotransmitter flush
generated by these organs in an attempt to alleviate residual stress patterns, by
generating the brains own neurotransmitter substances, serotonin endorphins and
l-dopamine. Sensations of relaxation are due to the brains' organs beginning to function with optimal or excessive neurotransmitter production, they may be trying to replace deficits created by chronic stress patterns.

The formula can be mixed in 2 different strengths: 5 HTP supplement extract
derived from Griffonia Simplifolia, an African bean abundant in the essential
amino acid tryptophan.1. ACTIVE DOSE: 1-200mg 5 HTP for daytime use.2.
RESTIVE DOSE: 2-300mg 5 HTP for restive use, take 8 hrs minimum before
desiring to arise.

Mix either amount of 5 HTP with 1/4 tsp Merlin's Herbal Magic Roots Elixir, 1 tsp granulated non-gmo lecithin, contents of one vegan digestive enzyme capsule, mix into 3-4 oz (just under 1/2 cup) fruit or vegetable juice, or nut milk. Mix. Lecithin melts in 2-3 minutes, sip slowly, drink entire contents within 10 minutes for dosage.Testimonials include: "Relaxation, clarity, increases blood circulation to extremities, relief from: anxiety, all kinds of cravings; bloating, low energy, TMJ, sleep apnea, chronic pain or stress, migraine headaches, concussion, cognitive disorders, impotence and frigidity".Caution: For some few individuals 100mg 5 HTP is a restive dose. For first ingestion, at any dosage: BE in a comfortable setting with no schedule to attune with your personal body/mind response. Do not operate heavy equipment while using the Satisfaction Formula, including automobiles or power tools, etc. Use alternate with pumpkin seed recipes for balance.

24. Four meal watermelon fast: Juice only organic watermelon. A. Eat fruit of
watermelon for breakfast (after lemon water and bitter herbs) save watermelon
seeds to cream for dinner. B. Juice watermelon rind with assorted vegetables such
as: celery, parsley, and carrots makes wonderful juice. One large watermelon rind
may contain over one gallon of healing juice. C. Heat extra juice from lunch or
miso soup or broth for dinner, can add soaked seaweeds etc. Strain if needed
before ingesting. D. Cream collected watermelon seeds in blender w/ some fruit
for sweetening and pure rind juice for liquid, strain and sip, better than Haagen-
Dazs… this is dinner . Daily as long as needed.

25. Optional dinner is soaked pumpkin seed pate w/ soaked pumpkin seed ground w/ sea vegetables, lemon, and herbs, top dehydrated sprouted buckwheat flax crackers and succulent green salad. Crackers are from soaked sprouted buckwheat and flax and mixed with herbs in the food processor and dehydrated. Other cracker options are pate spread on top of nori sheets and dehydrated tidy.

Dessert Options P.S., Using ground seeds and nuts, make a creamy, nutritious
base for these following offerings, and may be added freely.

26. Pure frozen fruit puree thru champion juicer or fruit and nut cream like
frozen blueberry coconut cream or mango coco cream. 27. Avocado, banana,
carob, vanilla stevia or date with lemon juice and zest (grated peel of lemon to
taste) and coco water – mix in blender ~ mousse.28. Sub-acid fruits w/ coconut
cream. Mango, persimman, blueberry, mandarine orange, soursop. Use sweet
fruits w/ lemon for extra digestive power, may add ginger, pollen, vanilla or other
flavorings. Add ground pumpkin seeds or nuts.

29. Amazake Lecithin Lean Dream. Mix equal parts by volume amazake and
lecithin culture one day in fridge, mix into small serving size cups with nuts,
chopped fruit, pollen, or other tastey treats. This creates a cell food the body loves.
Good for extreme stress!Fibers & Bulking Agents30. Psyllium husk is the
antibiotic bran from the plantain herb. Use one tea spoon with 8 oz. water,
chase with 16 oz. water.31. Oat bran or other brans, mix with kefir as a breakfast
cereal (dinner on fast) for replenishing acidophilus.This Article in progress is
copyrighted by John Philip Young, Jr., UDBOSS, OMHMRE, private use of this
document is permitted and empowered with our great good wishes. Commercial
use of these recipes is encouraged under the license of the aforementioned
copyright holders John Philip Young Jr., UDBOSS, OMHMRE email us at: and please check out our website at Drink plenty of pure fresh water throughout the cleanse, especially w/ Zeolites.May drink hot ginger or mint tea anytime as desired. With pinch OMHMRE. Drink pau d’arco with stevia to
alleviate candida and bladder infections. With pinch OMHMRE. Juniper, rose
hips, mint tea blend lifts all systems and symptoms. With pinch OMHMRE.Possible fasting scenarios are endless. Some possibilities included
here are for 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, 7 day, 10 day, and extended time periods, to
follow discussion.

Fasting is a time of voluntary simplicity, while Living More Closely With Spirit
and Nature. This enables us to let go of everything superficial. During this time,
unencumbered by outer distractions, we are able to focus more fully in present
time. We begin to notice and observe the motivating influences activating our
normal life patterns. These include the various qualitites of our thoughts and
feelings, what is moving us. What triggers our dissociative patterns to surface; our
indulgences? We can begin to identify who is driving the bus!!!: and from where
they take their orders. For these reasons, in the initial fast, the simpler, the better.
The Dead Sea Scrolls advocate elemental alignment on subtle levels before
challenging the physical with fasting. Aligning mind, vision, breath, voice, and
action facilitates harmonization for the denser aspects of emotion and physiology.
Fight or flight represents resistance to relaxation, cleansing and growth. It can
develop from event trauma, compression on the spine, or dis-organization with the
head, neck and shoulders, and/or pelvis. Willingness, psychologically and

emotionally, open up the possibility for the physiology to function properly. A
balanced Autonomic Nervous System maintains organ function. The capillaries,
pores and organs of elimination require Parasympathetic response for functioning. Structural balance with head, neck and shoulders, and pelvis, facilitates this. Neurological touch opens all the doorways. People reduce body mass simply from activating the Parasympathetic phase of their Autonomic Nervous System. They tingle from head to toe with a calming nerve fire, from which they seem to be evaporating.

After we cleanse, we can begin to feed our hungry tissues. For many of us, this needs to be a daily cycle, so feel your real needs. It is as if our deepest vitality has been covered over by the layers of our own excess. These excesses have taken on a
sticky, tar-like quality, which builds up more in dysfunctional areas of our bodies,
perhaps trapping heavy metals, substances, hosting parasites and yeast, etc. If these vectors are addressed early in life, liberation is at hand, life may be enjoyable over extended years. With this in mind, the fast becomes a presentation of a series of nutritional and enzymatic solvents, chelators, natural parasite killers, and
elimination regulators,which both trigger and support cleansing.
Materials Needed to Facilitate Optimal Fasting
You may begin now and proceed for a period of days with simply the Original
Merlin’s Herbal Magic Green Ninja Chi Longevity Guardian Formula (mornings
and Roots Elixir afternoons) and lemonade, if that’s all you have handy.

First in a.m.
Chew 3 -5 plump juniper berries – this dissolves tar very well. Continue
throughout fast.

Second in a.m.
Carrot Garlic Flush (see recipe No.12) May continue daily throughout fast.
Or Sap of Aloe Vera Leaf (see recipe No.13) At least 3 days in a row.
Third in a.m.

Herbal Heavy Metal Detox (see recipe No.3) with 1 Tbl olive leaf, ½ tsp
passion flower and pinch of OMHMRE with 12 ounces water. Use daily forever.
(You will see this remedy is better than life insurance.) During fasting, let’s mix
the contents of 6 digestive enzyme capsules into this beverage. (see No.15)
These remedies are utilized at first for dissolving and flushing out internal debris.

After Day 3, utilize Liver Flush (see recipe No.10). This is done after juniper
berries in a.m. Use Liver Flush 3 days in a row.
Continue as needed with OMHMRE lemonade.

Day 7
Juniper berries, Heavy Metal Detox, Aloe Gel Grapefruit Drink (see recipe
No.14) Afternoons, use OMHMRE without lemon. For dinner Vegetable Juice
Medley (see recipe No.18). Continue for 3 days.

Day 10
Juniper berries, Heavy Metal Detox, OMHMRE Lemonade, Vegetable Juice
Medley. Afternoons, use OMHMRE without lemon. For dinner, Cereal Milk (see
recipe No.20).

Day 14
Juniper berries, Heavy Metal Detox, OMHMRE Lemonade. Cereal Milk for
lunch. Afternoons, use OMHMRE without lemon. For dinner, make Pumpkin
Seed Milk (see recipe No.23)

At this level in the fast, we can go either direction. Go back to do more flushing, or
begin to eat again. How are you feeling? We may continue as above indefinitely,
or add a yummy meal for afternoon or evening. This would look like a succulent
green salad with Pumpkin Seed Green Papaya Pesto. Or check Optional Dinner
No. 25 for making dehydrated raw crackers.

Rolled cereal grains, soaked in water, with ground nuts, dried fruits, and enzymes,
make a delicious porage, which can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. Feel empowered to experiment, do so changing only one item at a time.. Use
discernment. Being creative and developing your own favorite recipes with
whatever is most vital and available presently is the Spirit of our quest.

For instance, I was visiting friends yesterday advocating adult baby foods, made with sub-acid fruits, seeds, fresh greens and sweet fruits to taste, utilizing free or under- used food sources. I noticed a yummy possibility right then with the trees and plants already present in their yard, free food for the next few weeks with a blend of star fruit, lemon juice, banana, comfrey leaf, and green tongued kale, ginger, hibiscus buds, the Original Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir, pumpkin seeds, coco meat and sea vegetables, yum yum yum. So basically skillfully blending
what is present in abundance is our mission. This type of recipe is always
possible in paradise, showcasing what is presently ripe. For instance, papaya,
lemon, banana, water ferns, peppermint and mulberry leaves, hibiscus flower buds, comfrey, kale or other baby greens, ginger root, coco water, coco meat,
OMHMRE, fresh pumpkin seeds, sea veggies all year long. Avoid too many sweet
fruits in these blends, sprouted grains may also be added for more substance.
This program can continue indefinitely. Should any major discomfort arise, use
Green Ninja Chi, water, or OMHMRE, and consult your naturopathic doctor
asap.Check our website: to order OMHMRE.

© 2017 J. P. Young Jr. LMT

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