UDBOSS Missions Scholarship Funds

1.  Mother’s and Children Natural Health Care Access
This Mission has been ongoing 7 years now designating Mothers and Children here in Hawaii and elsewhere during Philips’ travels.  Work includes Neurological Integration for Mothers and Children as well as nutritional support wherever possible.  To date $15,000 worth of Services have been administered at a rate of approximately $200 per month for the last 7 years.  It is one of our most gratifying Missions, I think we all owe tons to Mama.  Thank you for helping support this Mission.

2. Student Scholarships for Effective Natural Health Treatment Seminar Series
These trainings are ongoing here in Hawaii and extending Globally this coming year. We are sharing crucial transformational information while making it easily accessible to the general public, with our free publications and inexpensive Seminars with Scholarship possibilities.  Money spent on education helps everyone, thank you for participating!

3.  Eco-Village Design Catalogue Library
Support is needed to Crystalize and Categorize the abundant
information we are accumulating here.  We have an environmental planner, agriculture expert, natural health     practitioner,  and management support already on board.  Funding will enable us to create a library of design stradegies accessible to every Eco Design project Planet wide.  Here in Hawaii with every possible climate it is possible to develop stradegies applicable for every situation Planet wide!

4. Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State Dwarf Cocunut Genetic Preservation Mission In Moloa’a, Kauai, Hawaii, we have 5 acres planted, including nearly 500 Dwarf Cocunut trees with 330 Mother trees dedicated to making high quality baby trees, potentially, 15,000 baby trees per year when we reach full production in 2010.  Enough baby trees to plant 150 acres at orchard spacing per year.  We have 14 varieties identified with the potential for creating some of the heartiest, most productive, and flavorful Dwarf Coconut trees this planet has ever produced. Additionally, we have 150 field grown Dwarf Coconut specimines available to the Kauai Landscape market.  These trees are in high demand with Grandmother and the Children able to pick all they need for years and years and years.  We feel the Coconut is the most important and abundant staple food on planet Earth.  Help us to maintain this wonderful orchard, which has been declared crucial to the survival of Humanity by the Chief Kahuna for all of Hawaii.  He spoke of a time when all the fruits can be harvested from the ground,
this was the time foretold that the Gods would manifest here on Earth in our midst, when he saw our orchard he knew this time had come.  Our maintenance costs approach $10,000 per year.  Soon, on this website we will be offering baby Dwarf Coconut trees to send all over the world.

5. Sustainable Technologies for Environmental Management, STEM mission, develops educational models and experiences ultimately for comprehensive eco-village application.  Now we develop ecology education programs, actions, consultations, and design of diverse systems, for the greater community, to catalyze awareness and demonstrate our sustainable cultural experience when your thought, word, and deed is in Harmony with Nature.

6. In the summer of 2007, our STEM mission developed the curriculum and our LEAAF mission, Living Ecology Awareness in Action Foundation, funded the action of a 7 week vermiculture and general permaculture farm education for kids aged 7 – 19 .  It was wonderful to watch our young students educating the general public at the summer health fair, with a brochure on worm farming, (vermiculture) which demonstrates how to re-route 70% of our household materials destined for the landfill, through the cycle of life, letting the worms turn them into perfectly balanced high potency fertilizer for the family garden, ending fertilizer and pesticide costs, ending nutritional challenges, adding market alternatives, letting our children learn something useful to immediately change our world permanently for the better with a paradigm shift facilitated by the joy of our children through sustainable ecology.

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