A Transformational Natural Health Experience

The Union of Divine Beings of One Sovereign State U.D.B.O.S.S.
And Eternal Youth Enterprises E.Y.E.
A Seminar Series of  Effective Natural Health Treatments Entitled

A Transformational Natural Health Experience for
Practitioners and Others

Experiential Learning Modules will facilitate Personal Development with a unique synthesis of ancient and original cutting edge Natural Health Tools and Strategies, including access and development of personal bio-force, elemental attunement, emotional release, observational awareness mapping human structural anomalies, developing strategies for opening and balancing individual soft tissue and neurological priorities with resonant energy, positional release and zero balance touch, facilitating clear cognition, mobility and stabilitySelf massage, the essence of Lomi Lomi ~ Hawaiian style massage, deep tissue contact with neurological focus and integrative analgesic movements will be explored specific to each individual’s priorities.  Assessing, opening and balancing the Autonomic Nervous System will have a primary focus.  Unresolved trauma clinic will observe and address the specific soft tissue and neurological priorities of each individual in attendance.  Strategies addressing reflex nerve tension, Neurological Event Memory, concussion, whiplash, autism, cognitive disorders, head, neck and shoulder trauma, carpal tunnel, hands, feet, legs, low back, pelvis, abdomen, sexual functions, PMS and pregnancy will also be covered. Supported with herbal and dietetic alternatives.

This seminar will be presented in three forms.

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Individualized program possible during the same general time.

Partial scholarships may be available by negotiation with instructor, J. Philip Young, udboss108@gmail.com, or (888) 817-6687.

To register, go online to www.merlinsherbalmagic.com, or call Merlin’s 888 number: (888) 817-6687, or email udboss108@gmail.com. (If emailing, put “Transformational Seminar registration” in the subject line)

This Effective Natural Health Treatment Seminar has been developed and is presented by J. Philip Young, Jr. LMT, Natural Health Pioneer , Founder of E.Y.E., U.D.B.O.S.S., and Merlin’s Herbal Magic Formulas and Transformational Technology.  At 60 years old, he has 45 years experience as a Natural Health Care Services Provider.  His Transformational seminars and bodywork treatments are known worldwide and are being documented in a series of books soon coming.  These include Polishing the Goddess, Psychic Self-Defense and Spiritual First Aid, Walking Wounded, Attaining Balance Through Self-Observation Massage and Movement, and Neurologic Integration, The Fast Track for Resolving Personal History.

“Neurological Integration is the fast track for resolving traumatic history.”

– J.P. Young Jr. LMT

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